All press is good press, but great press is the best press. What matters to us most is what our guests think, of course. But our mothers are so proud when we get nice mentions.



Philadelphia Magazine’s Annual Best of Philly Awards

Best of Philly 2015: Best Outdoor Dining (Tria Fitler Square)

Best of Philly 2014: Best Beer Bar  (Tria Taproom)

Best of Philly 2013: Best Beer List at a Wine Bar

Best of Philly 2013: Best Bar for a Meaningful Relationship

Best of Philly 2012: Reader’s Choice: Best Waitservice

Best of Philly 2011: Best Wine Education on the Cheap

Best of Philly 2009: Best Hidden Gem

Best of Philly 2008: Best Wine Bar

Best of Philly 2007: Food Classes (Tria Fermentation School)

Best of Philly 2005: Best place to go when you aren’t hungry

Best of Philly 2004: Best Beer List



James Beard Foundation

2014 Finalist: Outstanding Restaurant Design, 75 Seats and Under (Tria Taproom)

2013 Semifinalist: Outstanding Wine Program

2011 Semifinalist: Outstanding Wine Service – Michael McCaulley

2010 Semifinalist: Outstanding Wine Service

2010 Semifinalist: Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional – Michael McCaulley

National Press



Best Business Bars


Levi Dalton’s I’ll Drink to That!

I’ll Drink to That: Michael McCaulley of Tria Restaurant

Local Press