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Mon 12/31 | Rittenhouse + Wash West

December 31, 2018 12:00 PM until December 31, 2018 12:59 PM

This New Year's Eve, join us for our Top Ten Sparkling Wines, all just $10 a glass!
(And of course, since we're Tria, we'll help you learn a little more about each one.) 

Check back here weekly for shareable bubbly facts and photos, 
and get ready to ring in 2019 in style!

She's a witty gal, that Dorothy. And so, so right.

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Champagne by the Numbers

30 - bubbles emitted per second by a typical glass of Champagne
54 - furthest distance, in meters, that a Champagne cork has ever traveled after being popped out of the bottle
90 - pounds per square inch, the amount of pressure against the cork in a typical Champagne bottle
200 - number of years that have passed since the widow ("Veuve") Clicquot revolutionized rose Champagne by blending red and white grapes, rather than dying the juice with berries
1891 - year of the signing of The Treaty of Madrid, which restricts wines called Champagne to those from the region of the same name in France
49,000,000 - number of bubbles in a typical bottle of Champagne

$10 - cost of a glass of sparkling wine at Tria Cafe Rittenhouse or Tria Cafe Wash West on New Year's Eve. (And with 10 to choose from, there should be no shortage of toasting!)

Leave it to the iconic French designer to give us the ultimate in Champagne etiquette.

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