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Wine + Beer To Go | All Locations

You already know that Tria Cafe and Tria Taproom pour wines and beers
that you won't find in any State Store.
But did you know that you can take almost all of our wines and beers to go?
Or that you can shop our shelves (and our taps, at Taproom)
even long after your local PLCB store has closed its doors for the night?

It's true!

At Tria Cafe Rittenhouse and Tria Cafe Wash West,
all of our wines are available to go by the bottle
at 3x the glass price.
And all canned and bottled beers are available to go
with no additional mark-up.

At Tria Taproom,
nearly all of our draft beers are available to go
in sealed-to-order, 32-oz. Crowlers.
You'll find the Crowler price for any beer that's available to go
on our digital menu.
(Click here to see what's on tap right now...!)