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Sunday School | Rittenhouse + Wash West

Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese, and beer every Sunday at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious. Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price, and please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it (and we think you’ll like it!)

WINE Rosado Listán Negro, Frontón de Oro, ’17 
Canary Islands, Spain
We don’t receive a lot of wine from Spain’s mysterious Canary Islands, but thanks to our friends at Bowler Wines, we have today’s rare rosé. The elusive island chain is geographically and geologically more a part of Africa than Spain, located about 60 miles off the southwest coast of Morocco. There, this thread of volcanic islands is home to some of the most unusual and visually striking vineyards on Earth. In 1977, D. Antonio Ramírez bought a small piece of land in the hills of La Lechuza, a small town on Gran Canaria island, known locally as “El Frontón,” and planted some vegetables and vines to suit his family’s needs. More than 20 years later, his sons Pedro and Antonio began bottling some of their wines to sell locally, and this one – vinted from organically grown indigenous Listán Negro grapes – is intriguing, exotic and full of Old World charm. Practicing what’s known as “heroic viticulture,” they hand-dig a special hole for each vine that they plant in order to protect them from the region’s punishing winds, and their hard work is well worth it – as you’ll taste at once in this inimitable and complex summertime sipper.

$13 glass  ·  $6½ glass

CHEESE Vermont Creamery Fresh Chèvre
Websterville, VT  ·  Goat-P

As one of the first companies to make goat cheese in the United States, Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery helped put high-quality chèvre on the American map – and this is the cheese that started it all. Pioneering artisan cheesemaker Allison Hooper honed her cheesemaking prowess in France, where she apprenticed on an organic farm; when she returned stateside in the 1980s, she teamed up with Vermont Creamery co-owner Bob Reese to produce superior chèvre here. This is their flagship offering, and its staying power is no surprise. Milk for this cheese is collected from small, local farms in Vermont and allowed to ferment for a full 24 hours, then drained for a second day to achieve perfectly creamy texture. After aging, the result is a pristine goat’s milk cheese with fresh, lactic flavors that beautifully complement a light-bodied summer white wine – and also stand out on their own.

$6½  ·  $3½

BEER Springdale ¡Parcha!     
Framingham, MA  ·  6.4%
The menu says Springdale, but this beer is actually a product of our Framingham friends at Jack’s Abby. Why the misnomer? Well, Jack’s Abby specializes in craft lagers, rather than ales; their Springdale line is a way of branching out into ales without compromising their mission. And we’re sure glad they did, because this one is a gem. Named for the Spanish word for passion fruit, ¡Parcha! is a Saison that spends six cozy months in oak with passion fruit juice, lending tropical acidity and natural sweetness to the party. Ale or lager, it’s a fruit-forward quaff that’s tart and refreshing and just perfect for a summer Sunday.

$10 / 10 oz DRAFT  ·  $5½ / 10 oz DRAFT