Sunday School | Rittenhouse + Wash West

Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese, and beer every Sunday at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious. Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price, and please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it (and we think you’ll like it!)

WINE Beaujolais Morgon “Côte de Py,” Domaine de Robert, ’15 

Burgundy, France                                            

It’s a lighthearted wine, but Beaujolais can seem kind of…complicated. For starters, it’s both a wine and a region, stretching 35 miles over low granite hills in the southernmost part of Burgundy, technically a part of the region but with its own climate and character to consider, not far from the food capital of Lyon. The region’s primary grape is juicy, aromatic Gamay – but it expresses itself in multitude ways, from the famed, celebratory Beaujolais Nouveau that we enjoyed this past Thursday (and every third Thursday in November) to the illustrious Morgon that we’re pouring today, one of just 10 specific Beaujolais Crus. There are also middle-ground Beaujolais wines, from picnic-ready Beaujolais proper to the more elegant Beaujolais-Villages, from the region’s 38 recognized villages. But enough with the geography! We’re here to sip, and this wine is one supple sipper. It’s rich and masculine, a result of carbonic maceration, or tossing the whole grapes into the fermentation tank to allow them to ferment from within. You’ll find dark fruit aromas of cherries and blackberries, plus hints of crème de cassis and lilacs. This wine will have you looking at Beaujolais through new nouveau eyes.

$12 glass  ·  $6½ glass

CHEESE Gouda Roomano

Friesland, The Netherlands  ·  Cow-P

The alleged “Gouda” marauding in your grocer’s cheese case is usually a rubbery cheese draped in dramatic red wax. (How appetizing.) Today, however, we step up to real Gouda – or at least something a lot like it. Roomano is a hard Gouda-style cheese from Friesland, in the northern Netherlands, and it’s aged a lot like a Gouda. Technically, though, it’s not quite there; the law requires that Gouda have at least 48% butterfat, and svelte Roomano clocks in around 45%, making it a member of the Proosdy cheese family, instead. It’s aged for three years, which lends a lovely golden-orange color to the cheese and transforms the texture into a crumbly, granular treat. It’s at once fruity, caramelly and nutty, with a finish that evokes – no kidding – Scotch whiskey. Try it with a robust dark beer and put those red wax-encased hunks of sadness out of your mind.

$7½  ·  $4

BEER Bell’s Best Brown Ale 

Comstock, MI  ·  5.8%

Ah, Michigan: home to the Motor City, acres of Montmorency cherry groves, and one of our favorite craft breweries: pioneering Bell’s. Founded in 1985 by Larry Bell and his 15-gallon soup pot, these proud Michigan-ers resisted the siren song of Big Beer™ and have stayed 100% family-owned, even as their operation has grown from a local favorite to a national best-seller. Today’s beer, their “Best Brown,” is a mainstay of their fall line-up and one of our favorite ways to stay warm as the days get shorter. You’ll notice hints of caramel and cocoa in this malt-forward beauty, smartly balanced by the generous use of American hops to mitigate the malty richness. If summer has to give way to winter, at least it happens while we have this beer in hand to soften the blow.

 $6 / 12 oz  ·  $3½ / 12 oz