Sunday School | Rittenhouse + Wash West

Learn about and enjoy a different not-so-common wine, cheese, and beer every Sunday at incredibly low prices. School was never this delicious. Limit one each per guest at the Sunday School price, and please, no returns: if you try it, you buy it (and we think you’ll like it!)

WINE St. Magdalener, Cantina Colterenzio, ’15

Alto Adige, Italy

Organic farmer Manfred Klotz is serious about the earth. Working closely with the countryside, he shows his land the utmost respect, and the result is seriously spoiled grapes – and some seriously excellent wines. Cantina Colterenzio hasn’t been around long (in fact, they’re one of the newest wineries in South Tyrol, a co-op established in the 1960s), but this wine is vinted from one of the region’s oldest wine-growing sites: vines of indigenous St. Magdalener (also known, variously, as Vernatsch, Trollinger or Schiava) grapes. It’s a brilliant, translucent ruby in color, with a fruity bouquet of black cherries and violets chased by red summer strawberries on the light-bodied palate – think Italian Beaujolais. Italy has more unique grapes planted than any other country, and this is just one of a treasure trove of underexplored Italian varietals. The winemakers recommend it with charcuterie, and who are we to argue? Try pairing it with a meat board or a mild cheese to enjoy its full pairing potential.

$10½ glass  ·  $5½ glass

CHEESE Flora Mundo
Knebel, Denmark  ·  Goat-P

In pastoral Denmark, goat cheese maker Dorthe Sørensen has kept her own herd since the early 1980s. She prepared her first artisanal cheeses from their milk in 1983, and in the intervening years, her cheeses have remained consistently excellent, perhaps owing to the respectful way she treats her goats and the land on which they graze. Case in point? Flora Mundo, a true Danish delicacy. This white, semi-hard goat’s milk cheese is mild-mannered, with a distinctly yogurt-y flavor that’s cleverly balanced by what we can only describe as hints of toasted marshmallow. Dorthe recommends it on a slice of rye bread or melted on a pizza, but we love it all on its own, too – or as an unusual representation of goat cheese on a larger cheese board.

$9  ·  $5

BEER La Trappe / Brunswick Bierworks Ora e Labora 
Berkel-Enschot, The Netherlands  ·  7.5%

Ora e Labora is Trappist brewery Koningshoeven (a.k.a. La Trappe)’s first-ever collaborative beer. They partnered with Brunswick Bierworks for this powerful ale, then named it Ora e Labora (“Pray and Work”) for its noble mission. This is no ordinary beer! Proceeds from sales of Ora e Labora benefit La Trappe’s ongoing relief efforts at Uganda’s Kyotera Hospital in the heart of Africa’s HIV crisis, so you can drink well and do good. As for what you’re drinking? It’s a “New World Double Bock” that’s hopped with Opal, Loral, Mandarina Bavaria and Ontario Newport hops. Tastes great, does good, brings brewers together! We’ll take another, please.

$9 / 12 oz CAN  ·  $4¾ / 12 oz CAN